European community law

Europe continues to grow together. Harmonization proceeds even in the national laws of the member states. Business across the boarder becomes easier and more secure for enterprises and consumers. But the instruments offered by the European Union must be used actively so that one may benefit from the common market.

National antitrust law has been replaced to a large extend in the field of contracts by the European Block Exemptions. Especially license contracts have to take into consideration such fact. Distribution subsidiaries in different member states may merge into a European Company (Societas Europea SE) since 2006. Doing so this will reduce your administration costs considerably. And the upcoming harmonization of the European contract law will enable the European wide use of standardized general terms and condition and sample contracts.

Wirth-Rechtsanwälte support you regarding the design of cross boarder contracts and enable you to make use of the great advantages of a common European market even on the field of contracts.