Industrial property rights

We support you regarding all questions related to the protection of industrial property rights in cooperation with specialized patent attorneys we help you to manage the applications for your property rights as well as a research in the run-up. Furthermore we represent you enforcing your IP in case of infringements of patents and design patents and handle any warnings and actions for injunctive releave and discontinuens.

Legal proceedings about employee inventor’s compensations are long-winded, complex and expensive. But the requirements of the German law for employee inventors are quite high. We support companies to setup a process for compensation of their employees according to this specific German law. This is the way to avoid those claims of employee inventors.

On the other side the inventors in Germany have a legitimate entitlement for compensation. An adequate organization of the company shall not prevent them from their claim. For all problems related to such compensation you will find professional and qualified advise at Wirth-Rechtsanwälte.



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